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“The best leaders convene conversations and inspire others to find solutions.”

Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Large and small, public and private – all types of organizations have called on Core Business to motivate and engage their people – with great results! Steve and his team have made a major impact on confidence, building trust, teamwork, new behaviours and – equally important – on sales and profits during times of rapid change.

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Philips Global

Inspiring Leadership Team and their teams to develop a highly successful global business across Europe, US and China.

Unilever Europe

Coaching Leadership Team in Transformational Innovation project.

Microsoft Europe

Coaching High Potential Managers from 20 countries in London and Paris.


Leadership Coach of a Leadership Programme across UK business.

Cadbury UK/Global:

Coaching Leadership Team on Transformational Commercial project having major impact on company culture.

WS Atkins Global

Creating with leader and facilitating major Leadership Programme across UK, Indian and US businesses.

UK Government Highways Agency

Leadership coach on several highly successful transport projects in UK during last 10 years. Coaching new collaborative working programme across Agency, Design Companies and Contractors.

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