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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

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In his motivational talks, Steve shares the lessons he has learned along the way. Whether he talks about leadership, transformation, developing a vision, building relationships or letting go of limiting beliefs, his message is to not settle for the present, but to connect with and create the future you want.

Steve’s experience and versatility allow him to tailor his presentations to engage virtually any audience. He knows how to strike the right balance between entertaining and giving food for thought. His personal style and creative multimedia presentations have inspired and motivated audiences across the world.


After completing a BA in Economics at Nottingham University, Steve started his corporate career as a graduate trainee with Manor Bakeries, which he left as a Brand Manager six years later to join Unilever in the UK. In 1994, he moved to the Netherlands where he worked in senior marketing positions at Unilever NL and Cadbury Schweppes until 2002.

Aside from his professional training in management, Steve has also studied personal and business growth with Stephen Covey, Anthony Robbins and other top coaches.

Steve lives in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, with his Dutch wife and two teenage children. He visits his father once a month.


“Personal growth is critical to effective leadership, which in turn is pivotal to business success.”

Steve Core



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