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TEDx Hult London

Understanding the powerful relationship between men and their fathers

On 17th January 2015, Steve Core spoke at the TEDxHultLondon event on the subject of ‘A Story About Fatherhood’.

The talk, based on Steve’s life experiences, is a reflection of the relationship he has had with his father since childhood. To support his insight into this relationship, Steve provides eye-opening statistics about men and how this can affect relationships between fathers and sons.

For example, of all suicides 75% are men and only 25% are women. The same proportion of homeless people and those affected by alcoholism are also men. The proportion raises even higher when looking at which sex has behavioural problems at school and who end up in prison.

Steve demonstrates that men who gain a better understanding of their own fathers childhood and how their relationship with their father was, they will then be able to maximise the value that they can get out of their own relationship.

As he discovered himself, it is never too late to make this connection.

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