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“The brilliant and simple model of leadership”

Amanda Mackenzie OBE,

“There is a very clear leadership mantra I started within the Civil Service. If you want to take people with you, you just need to do something very simple. That is, spell out the future that we are trying to achieve. Once you have laid out what you are trying to get to, then engage the staff on how you are going to achieve that. Then deliver it. It is Future – Engage – Deliver.”

Lord Gus O’Donnell

“I needed our senior leaders more confident and on the front foot ahead of the merger. I wanted a significant shift in our leadership. The FED leadership programme ensured that we stepped up to the challenge. Business results have been on an upward trend – our share price in the newly merged business is the highest it has been in a decade, but the greatest satisfaction has been in seeing people emerge with far more confidence, energy and vision than they had before.”

Richard Baker


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